Monday, September 21, 2009

The No-Poo Chronicles: That Puts a Damper on Things

In an effort to save money, help the environment, and restore my hair's health, I am trying not to use shampoo for two weeks. Is that even possible?!

Day 7: This is the third wash and the first fight with my hair. I'm guessing this is why people quit early. While scrubbing my scalp, before conditioning with the vinegar, I felt an oily build-up, confirming my sister's suspicions that I am a boxcar hobo. This may be my own natural oil or it may be the olive oil I added after each of the other two washes. It makes my hair feel thick as I finger-comb it under the running shower water to get it fully wet.

It's getting too cold out for chilled ACV solution, so that was an unpleasant icy blast. This time I mixed only 1T ACV in 12 whole ounces of water. I did something new by putting 1T olive oil in a spray bottle and mixed with water (shaking to emulsify), and applying all over hair, not just on ends. I tried to finger style, but sections of frizzy hair appeared in the back. I sprayed water on it and resorted to combing it. Dripping wet, and running late to work, it was hard to be patient enough to blot it dry. I'm trying not to use a towel as instructed. It's also raining out, which will amplify the frizz and keep it from ever drying.

I never had any auditions this week, but I do have a show tonight. Want to primp and look nice, but I can't break down now! This is the test. On the subway platform the breeze from a passing train made me wish I could use a blow dryer. By the end of the day even I can smell the vinegar on it. Celebrity look-alike today: Ola Ray

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