Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm an Old Soul

Here I am shooting a music video, featured on Gender Fun. about Soce The Elemental Wizard. I'm third from the front, right behind Carolyn Castiglia whose one-woman-show I reviewed on The Apiary, and who just got back from touring in the Fringe Festival in Edinbrough, Scotland, Laddy!

On the day of the shoot we were generously fed donuts and coffee. Then Emmy Rivera did our makeup, and we put on our Golden Girls costumes, in order to shoot a scene of Soce in the Future. To pass the time away I put together a puzzle made entirely of orange foliage. There were many cool comics involved including Leslie Goshko and Dan Hirshon. Soce's eye makeup reminds me of Sam Crenshaw from Today's Special.

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