Monday, August 30, 2010

Bid on the Guard Shack

Don't write to my friend Chris by mistake. He totally takes to heart the e-mails that are sent to him in error.

From an e-mail exchange I can only assume is among a bunch of condo committee members that have nothing better to do than think about how to move money around:

Jane writes:

Well, guys, the bid from AR reads like this:

Repair damage to Guard House at Front Entrance, including moving building back to original footprint. Repairing damaged wood and door jambs. Repairing damaged metal roof. All material and labor included. Does not include painting. $2800.00

Talk to me.....

Connie replies:

I really think this is an expense we do not need. I just can't see the value in putting that much money into the Guard House. Just my opinion........

Then Chris adds his two cents:

I wonder if we'll think much of Connie's frugality when the mole people finally emerge from their underground sugar caves with their pet chupacabras and birkenstocks and find us vulnerable to their attacks because we didn't spend the extra money on a guard house. If anything we should be digging moats. I for one will not be a part of Connie's recreation of the Munich agreement.

Then the real Chris--the one who was originally supposed to be included--answers:

Hello All: I am not sure who Chris at (my buddy's e-mail) is and why he replied to correspondence concerning the guard shack. My email address is (something else). May I suggest that we utilize another, new, email concerning this matter.


Someone didn't like a non-committee member weighing in on their all-too-important decisions:

You have way too much time on your hands. This was not nearly as clever as you think you think it was. The "guardshack" is decorative and does not actually have a guard in it. Go back to sleep moron.

Luckily, I have located a picture of the Guard Shack to further educate Chris.

Although I really think he has a point about the underground sugar caves.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Producing a Show in NYC

Dan Allen, co-producer of the popular and long-running Sacapuntas!, provides insight into successfully producing a live comedy show in New York.

Your role as the producer is to build trust between your audience and your show. You have to consistently provide a funny show that is different every single time they attend. At the same time, you have to build trust between the performers and your show. They need to know that every time they perform on your show it’s going to be fun and productive.

Click here to read the whole post.

Curious about seeing a well-produced live show? Look no further than:

Living Room Show
2nd & 4th Fridays, 8:00PM
Postmark Cafe, 326 6th Ave, 11215

Positively Awesome
Tuesdays, 8:00PM
Cellar 58, 58 2nd Ave, 10003

Wednesdays, 6:00PM
Cornelia St. Cafe, 29 Cornelia St, 10014

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today I'd Like You To Think About Crumbs Cupcakes

Because they're stupid good, and we served them at our Inaugural Ladybits Show!

We actually won't be serving them anymore, so apologies to future fans and thanks to those who came out to support our first show last night!

Thank yous are also in order to:

Matt Ruby of
Sean McCarthy of
Nate and Keith of
The Gloss
Carolyn Castiglia
Nichelle Stephens
Chris at

for the shout-outs!

Thanks to Eric for taking pictures, Molly for sketching the images of the comedians, and viewers like YOU for your donations that make public broadcasting possible.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Attention Women Comics

A mesage from Jen Dziura

Hey ladies,

NYC has a new all-female comedy show!

Our Kickoff and Press Preview is Wednesday, August 11 at Cornelia St. Cafe, where our press sponsors ( and other bloggers will be covering a star-studded show featuring Jessica Kirson, Erin Jackson, and Bonnie McFarlane, and hosted by
co-founder Abbi Crutchfield. After that, we start up as a regular weekly show in October, and we're open for booking requests. Also, we'd like to help you publicize yourself via The Internets.

Get booked:

Send all Wednesday 6PM avails WAY into the future. Please also send photo/links/bio -- Abbi's and my bios on are a good idea of format.

Promoting comics outside of NYC:

We are going to be posting a one-liner-type feature on once a week, called "Lady Comedians Tell It Like It Is." So, you can submit a single joke along with photo/bio/links in consideration for this feature. Jokes about woman stuff (um, whatever that is) are nice but not necessary.

On the Ladybits site, we'll be posting "One Question Interview" posts. The editorial guideline is simply that the posts must be either funny, or have a "how to" component (or, of course, both).

So, just pick one of these questions, and send me a 1-paragraph-or-more answer, along with the photo/brief bio/links that you want me to use (i.e. What's the most beneficial thing you've done for your comedy career? What's the best piece of advice you'd give to a female comic to get booked on more than bringer shows?)

Send to: jen (at) jenisfamous (dot) com



Monday, August 2, 2010

It's Here! Now Presenting: Ladybits

Jennifer Dziura has launched the Ladybits Website (

This is the info source for our new all-female comedy show making its debut at Cornelia Street Cafe on Wed Aug 11, 2010.

Jessica Kirson
Bonnie McFarlane
Erin Jackson

hosted by Abbi Crutchfield
Price: 1 drink

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Isn't this like Chicks and Giggles?
A: Yes, it was inspired by Chicks and Giggles. Read more.

Q: I'm a guy. Can I perform on the show?
A: YES! Can you bake?

Q: Do you produce every comedy show in the city now?
A: No, just three:

The Living Room Show - since June 2006
Positively Awesome - since January 2010
Ladybits - since August 2010

I used to host "Sunday Soiree" at Botanica Bar for Josh Filipowski, and for a year I ran "Root Hill Mic" at Root Hill Cafe. Producing shows is my favorite way to get stage time, network with comics, and perform in an environment I love (because I designed it). I also love running open mics so I can meet tomorrow's up-and-comers and yesterday's still-won't-leavers. If you host a show or an open mic and would like me to fill in for you, just reach out to me at curlycomedy (at) yahoo (dot) com.