Monday, August 2, 2010

It's Here! Now Presenting: Ladybits

Jennifer Dziura has launched the Ladybits Website (

This is the info source for our new all-female comedy show making its debut at Cornelia Street Cafe on Wed Aug 11, 2010.

Jessica Kirson
Bonnie McFarlane
Erin Jackson

hosted by Abbi Crutchfield
Price: 1 drink

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Isn't this like Chicks and Giggles?
A: Yes, it was inspired by Chicks and Giggles. Read more.

Q: I'm a guy. Can I perform on the show?
A: YES! Can you bake?

Q: Do you produce every comedy show in the city now?
A: No, just three:

The Living Room Show - since June 2006
Positively Awesome - since January 2010
Ladybits - since August 2010

I used to host "Sunday Soiree" at Botanica Bar for Josh Filipowski, and for a year I ran "Root Hill Mic" at Root Hill Cafe. Producing shows is my favorite way to get stage time, network with comics, and perform in an environment I love (because I designed it). I also love running open mics so I can meet tomorrow's up-and-comers and yesterday's still-won't-leavers. If you host a show or an open mic and would like me to fill in for you, just reach out to me at curlycomedy (at) yahoo (dot) com.