Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Comedy as Therapy

Tonight I'll be a part of the social experiment that is "Stand Up, Lie Down with Dr. Lisa Levy". First I tell a few jokes, then I recline on the couch to answer questions and be analyzed by both Dr. Lisa and the audience. If I get too comfortable and go under hypnosis, you just might get the codes the government programmed into my brain, a value that far outweighs the price of your drink.

Stand-up, Lie down
Comix (Ochi's Lounge downstairs)
353 W. 14th St, 10014
7:30PM, Thurs Jan 21
No Cover (1/2 price drinks)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finding the Fans

Positively Awesome last night was tremendous! We had a collossal lineup, plenty of interested comics popping in to watch and support the show, audience all the way from Brooklyn and a big musical blowout at the end. I'll post a video of that soon.

Tonight I get some time off to eat Lucky Charms and find new ways to promote my shows and videos. There are so many different ways to "get your name out there" that it can be overwhelming. I will try one new, cost effective method a month to make Curly Comedy a household name.

Who are fans? Average folks. Where do average folks eat? Diners. Once a week I will visit a different diner, and make friends with a waitress. Using mentalism, I will persuade her to add my name to the specials. When asked what the "Abbi Crutchfield" is, she will robotically recite my bio, website and contact information.

Happy pancake-eating, future fans!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Positively Awesome!

I started a weekly show with Andrew Singer this past Tuesday called Positively Awesome.

There is a one drink minimum for the audience. Who can resist a bubbly Prosecco rosé?

As host I welcomed Reese Waters, our very first performer, followed by Mark Normand (pictured above), Andrew Singer, Ophira Eisenberg, and Jamie Lee. The room is narrow and dimly lit like Pete's Candy Store, but with all the panache of sophisticated wine cellar. The kind of room Keanu Reeves would use to seduce Diane Lane. Soce the Elemental Wizard freestyled off of the most "positive" member in the room, visiting comedian Luke Thayer. Special thanks to Matt Ruby, Jonathan Powley and Dan Mahoney for attending the inaugural show!

In honor of the comedy hour, here is a positively awesome picture of my family enjoying our holiday pears:

Positively Awesome
Cellar 58, 58 2nd Ave (3/4th streets)
New York, NY 10003
Tuesdays at 8PM, 1 drink min
Our Facebook Group

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ask Abbi: Shape Up or Ship Out

Anonymous Gym-Goer Writes:

What are your thoughts about those goofy-looking Shape Up shoes?

I got a pair of Skechers Shape Ups from my husband for Christmas. Coincidentally I got him the Iron Gym, an in-home pull-up bar, so not only are we both passive-aggressive, we're both a Slap Chop away from being infomercial drones. I was worried because I remember hating Moon Shoes.

When walking, I have to take careful strides because if my foot drags on the ground, I trip. They are designed to embarrass you if you don't pay attention, so they are a work-out shoe in the way your schoolyard bully was a personal trainer. I don't know if it has toned my gluts or if they're just sore because I naturally clench them whenever I make eye contact with people on the subway.

The inside is like marshmallows! Part of me feels like all shoes will be made this way in the future, and part of me feels like this Franken-boot will go the way of the Thigh Master. It may be just another work out fad that gets lazy, fat people to spend their money. Either way, the more I see them on television the more I feel better about my decision to wear them...while watching television.

Feel free to post your questions for Abbi in the comments section, to be answered in a later post, or write curlycomedy (at) with "Ask Abbi" in the Subject.

Fifty First Jokes

Performed on the 4th Annual Fifty First Jokes show at Webster Hall on Tuesday. It was a fun gathering of a diverse group of comedians. We only got two minutes to share the first ideas we've had since the New Year, but everyone has a different voice and performing style. Some even chose to abandon their typical style and give a different kind of performance, like RG Daniels who showcased his beat boxing skills in a funny news report or Jon Friedman who re-invented the knock-knock joke for the new decade. In the future, knock-knock jokes are asked and answered by the same person.

Photo of me courtesy of the hilarious Mike Drucker. It was one of those nights you go into thinking, "This is gonna be fun!" then "Hoo boy, all my peers are here, and now I have to show off for them. If I bomb I'm going to console myself with a milkshake," then, "Okay everyone's concerned with themselves, so nobody cares if I suck or not," then when you're on stage, "Wow this room is full and really attentive. I could stay here forever," then, "That was fun afterall. I am going to treat myself to a milkshake."