Thursday, January 14, 2010

Positively Awesome!

I started a weekly show with Andrew Singer this past Tuesday called Positively Awesome.

There is a one drink minimum for the audience. Who can resist a bubbly Prosecco rosé?

As host I welcomed Reese Waters, our very first performer, followed by Mark Normand (pictured above), Andrew Singer, Ophira Eisenberg, and Jamie Lee. The room is narrow and dimly lit like Pete's Candy Store, but with all the panache of sophisticated wine cellar. The kind of room Keanu Reeves would use to seduce Diane Lane. Soce the Elemental Wizard freestyled off of the most "positive" member in the room, visiting comedian Luke Thayer. Special thanks to Matt Ruby, Jonathan Powley and Dan Mahoney for attending the inaugural show!

In honor of the comedy hour, here is a positively awesome picture of my family enjoying our holiday pears:

Positively Awesome
Cellar 58, 58 2nd Ave (3/4th streets)
New York, NY 10003
Tuesdays at 8PM, 1 drink min
Our Facebook Group

1 comment:

loveblack said...

i had a great time. When I perform on your show, Diane Lane will be in the audience.