Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finding the Fans

Positively Awesome last night was tremendous! We had a collossal lineup, plenty of interested comics popping in to watch and support the show, audience all the way from Brooklyn and a big musical blowout at the end. I'll post a video of that soon.

Tonight I get some time off to eat Lucky Charms and find new ways to promote my shows and videos. There are so many different ways to "get your name out there" that it can be overwhelming. I will try one new, cost effective method a month to make Curly Comedy a household name.

Who are fans? Average folks. Where do average folks eat? Diners. Once a week I will visit a different diner, and make friends with a waitress. Using mentalism, I will persuade her to add my name to the specials. When asked what the "Abbi Crutchfield" is, she will robotically recite my bio, website and contact information.

Happy pancake-eating, future fans!

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