Thursday, September 7, 2006

Sign This Off is launching the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric by asking fans to suggest a new Sign-Off message for Couric as she ends the program. The idea for the national poll came from the journalist herself when she realized she could not stop saying, "I'm Katie Couric, and I poop gold." I came up with a few ideas.

1. "Happy rainbow dreams and sunshine kisses to you ALL!"

2. "Have a good one. I'm having sixty million."

3. "Good night and good luck...filling size four shoes, Vieira!!"

4. "Thank you for watching the evening news. Feels good to be here. I realize most of my viewers now have Alzheimer's so...thank you for watching the evening news. Feels good to be here."

5. "Good night, meal tickets!"

6. "Ugh. That stuff was SO depressing! Let's all have champagne and a good bubble bath."

7. "It's time for me to go, and it's time for your nurse to change your diaper."

8. "Have a pleasant evening. Battery running low. Must locate outlet to recharge."

9. "I'm Katie Couric, and I don't *&!# on a ^*&$@ as the city bus graffiti suggests."

10. "Good night! Smile. Shuffle papers. Look to left. Katie, stop reading."