Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jest You Wait

I made the 150 Best Jests list on the NY Post!

Spoiler alert: I'm number 113.

I'm in great company so congrats to the other comedians who were selected! And congrats to the other comedians who may not have been selected but who still bust their chops each night telling great jokes.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

URant - Camille

Click here to check out my latest rant on where I list the top 5 ways Camille Grammer will spend her divorce settlement money. And don't forget to click LIKE or log in and comment!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Board Game Flashback: Strangers and Dangers

This game is described on as "a game designed by law enforcement officials to teach kids about the dangers of talking to strangers". I have no idea how we acquired it. It was probably sent to my mom as a thank you for donating to the Marion County PD. It had all the info of an after-school special, without the cool cameo by Malcolm Jamal Warner.

The object was to make it home from school without being abducted. There was no strategy to winning. You have two choices once you flick the spinner and plop your character along the Candyland-like path to the right color. "You are approached by a stranger. Do you go with him? If yes, return to start. If no, go ahead more spaces."

To go ahead you had to "Scream, 'No!' and run to the nearest Safety Place". Safety Places included a library, a fire department and a church (because nothing bad ever happens to kids there). If you made it home you were treated to a wholesome reunion with your parents who were cooking hotdogs and hamburgers on a grill.

The weirdest part was the illustration. For some reason the boy and girl on the cover of the box had one of their eyes removed. Probably for playing with BB guns, which must be a spin-off of another educational board game.