Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crappy Birthday to Me

I was a grump this birthday, which is unusual, considering I am guaranteed to eat cake at some point in the day. Luckily the fact that I was a sourpuss didn't stop us from having an awesome 93rd Living Room show! Thanks to all who came out to perform / watch. During the last comic the audience swelled and I realized Luke was suprising me with a post-show party. Someone put a few boxes of friends in the corner, and then, to my delight, a bunch of pizza arrived to wish me well.

The weekend brought the same sweltering heat that caused me to spend a previous birthday desperately seeking liquids. I went out to see "Bridesmaids", which made me break my No Theaters in the Era of the Bedbugs rule. I tried to go big, getting nachos, candy AND soda (I took out a loan), but after we rode single-file up the escalator Playful Penguin-Race style, we were told that snacks at the tiny concession stand were severely limited.

It was not so much a stand as a podium in front of a vending machine. Unrefrigerated bottles of soda had just arrived and were being placed in the case. The vendor was a magician who pulled nachos out of a top hat and a box of Skittles from behind my ear. I couldn't bring myself to pay for hot soda when I get it for free at work, so I spent two hours with dry mouth and the kind of belly ache you're supposed to stop having on Halloween at age 10.

My gift to myself was to finally start running. The pace was more of the half-hearted courtesy jog you give when crossing the street. I hit a mental wall 4 minutes in, my face burst into flames, and afterwards my body felt like it was beaten with potatoes. I consider any workout a success when I can say, "at least I didn't cry!" Looks like I'm going to have to apply that to birthdays too.

Friday, May 20, 2011

URant - Arnold

I just heard Arnold Schwarzenegger's son out of wedlock is slated to star in a sit-com called, "My New Dad". Paul Reiser executive producing. That was a My Two Dads joke. Remember My Two Dads? Anyway, you know I had to jump on that news by sharing My Two Cents. You-can-count-on-me!

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Bonus: Now that the theme to My Two Dads is in your head, ladies and gentlemen...Dick Butkus

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Positively Awesome

A year and a half ago I started a show with Andrew Singer called Positively Awesome. We gave away free T-shirts.

It was in a tiny back room of a wine bar.

People loved it.

But they needed more room. So we're moving to the People's Improv Theater!

At The PIT's new basement space, we're bringing more excellent stand-up, more great freestyle rap re-caps, and deeper, longer belly laughs! Check out our amazing lineup and their fantastic credits!

MYQ KAPLAN (Big time TV stuff)
SARA SCHAEFER (So many things I can't even)
JAMIE ROBERTS (Have you seen him yet? I mean have you? Oh man)
KEVIN BARNETT (Dopeness plus originality plus he's all, "I don't give a...")

You do NOT want to miss our inaugural show. Be a part of comedy history!

Positively Awesome at The PIT
123 E. 24th Street, NYC 10010
Buy tickets here or at the door.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Thoughts in Your Face

Adam Ullian of YuletideSnapper.com interviewed me (Click here to watch on YouTube)about how I got started , the business of comedy, and how to keep sexism from hampering progress in the artform. Also foreign tourists get lost and gather behind me so I pretend they're my fans.

For more excellent interviews and great coverage of all things comedy visit YuletideSnapper.com