Sunday, May 27, 2007

Water You Mean

I drank a LOT on my birthday.

Bubble tea in Chinatown

Lemonade in Little Italy

Iced tea in the West Village

I'll tell you when I've had enough!

Onto the hard stuff: ice water (What? Ice is hard...)


It was hot out, okay? Water on the subway.

Just a little more in Brooklyn. Hahahaha! Get it? I drank on my birthday, but I didn't drink alcohol! Haha. Most people drink ALCOHOL on their birthday! Hahaha. But I DIDN'T. I want a cute butt not acute cirrhosis! Whew! I chose to leave out the picture of me with Metamucil.

Brought to you by Tuttorosso spaghetti sauce. I won a jar at the Italian festival. Actually, I spun a wheel and lost. Then Luke spun and lost. Then I said it was my birthday, and a lady made it magically click one section over to win. Fate agrees: I'm a winner.

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