Wednesday, May 9, 2007

They're Checkin' Out My Savoir Faire

Ru Paul said it best: It don't matter what you wear.

But Eddie Murphy told me you can't trust a drag queen.

I was recently interviewed along with a whole shoebox-full of other funny women for an article written by the fabulous Giulia Rozzi on Hello Hilarious. In "Stylin' Stand Ups", Giulia muses:
...there is no reason why funny can’t be fashionable. What we wear is an expression of ourselves, and what is stand-up but an expression of ourselves on stage? We may not grace the covers of Vogue or shop at Henri Bendel but stand-up comediennes do have style.

I feel bad that I do nothing to support her theory. My closet--which wobbles because it is made of canvas and holds but fifty hangers-- is comprised of beiges, tans and grays. In the article I praise bright colors and sleek jeans, but the picture of me shows a Target t-shirt and oatmeal corduroys. I also talk about how I wish women wouldn't try to dress younger, and I should point out, the Target shirt came from the Little Miss section.

I'm hoping with my next stand-up check I can buy a clue, and figure out how to win the audience over first by sight instead of having to do it by begging. I mean jokes.

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