Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chicks & Giggles Renews My Soul

Checked out the Got MILF? special at Chicks & Giggles not too long ago. I've mentioned it before, and it bears repeating, that this is a show that is so fun I still make it out to watch when I'm not in the lineup. It's great to sit back and learn from all the talent. Lisa Landry threw down, and people you've seen on television were there, and ladies about to pop out babies rocked the mic. It was an excellent time, and you should catch it Tuesdays at 8:00 PM at Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction (34 Avenue A, between 2nd & 3rd streets). Luke and I got there early and got a booth to ourselves. Then the stragglers came in, touring comic veterans Pat Canderas and Michele Balan, and asked to squeeze in with us. We watched them giggle over drinks and then haggle over who would treat whom. We were waiting to tease them about picking up our tab, but remembered that joking with comedians is tacky.

Lookit! Pictures!

With Pat Candaras, finalist for Nick at Nite's America's Funniest Mom

With Michele Balan, finalist for Last Comic Standing 4


Carolyn said...

Fun! Celebs! MILFs! Stragglers! Tacky! A totally accurate review of our show.

Abbi said...

I like the part where you let us order Cuban Reubens and leave without paying. Should do that again some time.