Monday, May 7, 2007

Leading and Emerging Since 1982

As Impact's Emerging Leader for the ENTIRE month of May, 2007, I hereby declare my office cubicle available for autographs.

It has the history of when and why I came to NYC (hitch hiking phase) my education (Professional Careers Institute) and also includes my volunteer work (stealing neighbor's junk mail). In sum, it is the first published expose about me ever. And best of all, it exposes nothing.

The blurb also features my "colleague" Luke Thayer. Now I have something to call him when we're fighting.
"Hey Abbi, how's your boyfriend doing?"
--My colleague is fine, thank you.
"Uh oh, trouble in paradise?"
--Well...I just don't know how I can get anything done with incompetent fools working around me!

Impact is a site that heightens awareness of how get involved in the world around you.

Special thanks to the Impact team for bestowing such an honor!
This series will continue with a new Emerging Leader being highlighted each month. If you have someone that you would like to see receive the acknowledgement, please email:


Barista said...

hmmm, one of the females on the site looks a lot like you.... What time should I come by for an autograph? And for an extra $5, can I take my picture with you?

Abbi said...

What are you insinuating, Barista? That you've been deceived? Hornswoggled? Flimflammed? I earned that title fair and square! I'm a leader. I once led a troupe of girl scouts through the wilderness despite my Beverly Hills upbringing. Wait... that was Shelley Long.

You can get my autograph on a picture of YOU if you enter my art contest ...