Monday, April 30, 2007

Send In Your Art! No. 4

Special thanks to Brian in New York for his rendition of me inside a Batman frame! I like the heart over the "i", which is the correct punctuation. There's also an umlaut and an accent circonflexe to my first name, but what is this, an MLA Handbook? Ha ha!

You were right to say, "What's an MLA Handbook?".

mcMüller said:
Regarding the portrait contest: Are you going to draw everyone who draws a picture of you, or are you going to paint a portrait of the contest winner? (Or both?)

I love Angela Lansbury. She is very sexy in The Manchurian Candidate.

Dear McMilton Bradley,
She writes about murders that actually happen. And they all seem to happen around HER...on a weekly basis...I think you'd better keep your distance.

To answer your question, that's a GREAT idea! I could draw and paint EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATES! Let's change the rules, since rules were made to be bent a little sometimes when your boss isn't looking. Each person who submits a picture gets a caricature drawing. But the person who submits the best drawing/painting/sock puppet of me wins an official acrylic portrait of him/herself. "Best" being decided by my ego, and people will be judged by creativity, skill, lack of knowing who I am, and willingness to tell people about my blog once I've selected them.



When I was little, I would enforce art contests with my friends who came over. We'd both draw a bunny or haunted house or beach scene. Then I would take both to my mom and ask her whose was the best. I'd make sure my friend was there so she'd know straight up, and never touch my markers again. To my utter embarrassment, Mom would always say, "I don't guess I like them both the same!" GRRRRR! No! They're NOT the same! People don't have cat noses! She gave hers a cat nose!

Anyway, seeing as how I shook the brat phase a year (or five hours) ago, I'm guessing I'll probably give everyone some kind of award for participating.


mcMüller said...

can't wait for my caricature!

Abbi said...

You and three other people. Get in line, son. You're crowding me.