Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Map Quest

You say you finally caught National Treasure, and you just can’t get enough of that edge-of-your-seat Temple of Doom action and head-scratching Last Crusade cryptology? Well hang on to your wig Nicolas Cage, because here is a map to my website that will unlock the key to my previous blog posts!

Labels. What are they for? Organization. Here’s what each one means.

2007 Portrait Contest – Updates on the status of the competition. Good things take time.
Celebrities – Whenever I mention someone famous. Like Roger E. Mosley.
Celebrity Sightings – Whenever I’ve actually interacted with someone famous.
Competitions – Real shows in which I’ve (eating marshmallows) “been a contendah”.
Confessions – I finally come clean about something. Matt McCarthy should be proud.
Cubicle Secrets – Issues in my office coming to you live from cubicle 975.
Curl Biz – Anything about being biracial or black or having curly hair.
Flop Sweat – Any time I've failed on stage. But lived. And learned. And loved.
Gigs – Pertains to a recent performance. In case you missed it. But why would you?
Grrl Power – Resurrecting the Spice Girls slogan for stories of empowerment. Zigazigah.
Holidays – I celebrate them by writing about them.
Ideas – I am brilliant. Read these.
Living Room Slideshows – Photo fun after it’s been showcased live at my show.
Love – Ah l’amour. C’est pour les chanceux…et les maudits.
Memory Lane – I’m taking you back. Way back. To the nineties. Squeezit!
Miseducation – I’m wrong a lot. And other people are too.
My Beef – This is what sticks in my craw.
News – I pretend to read the news by glancing at it then writing from vague memory.
Parody – Imitation is the best form of comedy.
Press – Someone decided to write me up in a paper or a blog! Drinks on me!
Racism – It’s out there. Let’s talk about it. We’ll start with how you’re racist.
Slepton.com – A website my friends intend to use to change the world!
Sports – When you can’t play ‘em, talk about ‘em. Right Marino?
Television – I watched it so you don’t have to.
Zoltar – I can see into the future. Just like that machine on Big.

Now navigate away, Mom!

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Abbi said...

Ironically, this post has no labels.