Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Better in Flashbacks

My wallet was lost or stolen last night. My own explanation of what happened is too boring, so here’s a re-enactment starring Halle Berry:

HB: I had to grab a bite to eat before the show, so I went into a dive. One of those wait-at-the-counter-and-take-it-out-of-here places. Like a Chinese food restaurant, only with tacos. But still with Chinese people. I reached into my jacket pocket, handed the card over, took the card back, and put it in the wallet.

Vince Vaughn as a cop: But did you put the wallet back in your pocket?

HB: I don’t know. Probably. Then I left to wait in line for the show around the corner. It was cold, and I wanted a candy bar, so I started to walk to a drug store.

VV: Sweets for a sweet.

HB: (Bashful chuckle). But I turned back when I saw the line moving. So maybe on the way to the drug store I started to get my wallet out. If it went into my pocket…

VV: You could have left the pocket unzipped…

Together: and it could have fallen out!

(make out scene)

In real life I’ll check the trash cans near by.


Carolyn said...

Dude - sorry to hear! I dropped my wallet on the train once. I'm sure someone was thrilled to find my debt.

Abbi said...

HAHA! Actually, the wallet fell out of my pocket at the show, and it was recovered. In the movie of my life, the wallet is a bomb that will explode in 18 minutes if I don't rush back and diffuse it. In both scenarios, I demand green MnMs and sushi in my trailer. NOW!