Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Men In Comedy: Stand Up and Be Heard!

I love hearing about how men are doing in the comedy business. But I wish they weren't so marginalized. I mean, it's so rare to see a show actually featuring a dude without it being clogged up by the masses of women, children and monkies who are just handed stage time. I hate how whenever I want to hear about a specific male comic it's always in some MEN-comedy related article. HELLO! Men are people, just like women. What's with the classification? It's always just understood that when you say "comedy" you mean women, but for guys you have to clarify.

But let's be honest gentlemen, inherently you aren't that funny. Your natural inclination is to speak about topics noone cares to hear. Boys, if you want to get noticed a little more, why don't you try being VULGAR for once? Simulate getting it on or something. Use the microphone as a prop even! Surely, you can think of a body part that it symbolizes? I can. But that's because I'm a woman. No one has more insight into this situation than fellow comedian (and I do mean fellow) Carolyn Castiglia in her post.

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