Thursday, April 5, 2007

Don't Tip Chad Thursday

I think that if you eat in a restaurant this Thursday, and your waiter's name is Chad, you should give him a life lesson that's a long time coming. He's a waiter because he is a struggling actor. Maybe people named Chad should aspire to something a little more meaningful. Dream bigger! If we all refrain from tipping on Thursday, he'll get angry. Maybe his feelings will be hurt. Maybe he doesn't need this stinkin' O'Charley's after all! Perhaps he SHOULD consider going to school with the rest of his nineteen year old peers. He was always good at math. A career in accounting could be both lucrative and provide stability. Maybe a graduate degree in economics where he'll meet Sarah, who he'll come to learn had her own horror stories from Hooters. But she always had a dream. Instead of saving up for implants, she was going to save up for college. And here she is. They scoff jointly at the countless pick-up lines they endured and vow to leave it all behind by building an empire, giving the proceeds to charity and putting their daughter Jolie Luther King through a private education.

Don't tip Sarahs on Friday! Who's with me?

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