Monday, April 30, 2007

Interesting Query Mary...

The Queries keep on getting stranger. Here's what folks have Googled before they foolishly ended up on my website:

1.multi-ethnic avatar maker

(Second Life pervert alert!)

2.curly bob stack haircut

(Forget my blog. This is what happens when you go straight to Google Images. Don't ever do this to your hair, people. Don't let history repeat itself.)

(PS: Is anyone else disappointed that pictures of Robert Stack don't show up?)

3.bayer commercial ballerina

(For the last time, I was NOT in the Bayer commercial! I stopped believing in it when Robert Eurich died. Off the record, I'd hire Spenser any time.)

3.march comedy madness competition at caroline's on broadway

(You're not supposed to use prepositions in a search engine, but I admire this person's dedication to specifics! And I lost that competition two rounds in. Thanks for the reminder.)

4.bust magazine widgets AND widgets cauvin

(These both crack me up because I have never used the word widget in my work EVER. Although I did watch the cartoon growing up.)

5. what color eyes did mary pickford have?

(Mary Pickford was the first woman of the silver screen. She used to share dirt sandwiches with Charlie Chaplin and travel in roaming theater troupes alongside William Shakespere. Why anyone needs her eye color is either a weird, grave-robbing DNA experiment or the world's most moronic bet. The answer is RED. She was albino.)

7. abbi crutchfield

(Pass go! Collect 200 dollars!)

8. how to make grotten potatoes.

(You're a moron. Here's my French dictionary. Try not to hit yourself with it.)


fantasy weather league said...

I keep reading curly bob stack haircut as "curly boob attack"

It's not comedy, it's Luke said...

german word combining both gross and rotten

Abbi said...

FWL: I'm afraid to google "curly boob attack" from work.

Luke: Correct!