Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Attention Women Comics

A mesage from Jen Dziura

Hey ladies,

NYC has a new all-female comedy show!


Our Kickoff and Press Preview is Wednesday, August 11 at Cornelia St. Cafe, where our press sponsors (TheGloss.com) and other bloggers will be covering a star-studded show featuring Jessica Kirson, Erin Jackson, and Bonnie McFarlane, and hosted by
co-founder Abbi Crutchfield. After that, we start up as a regular weekly show in October, and we're open for booking requests. Also, we'd like to help you publicize yourself via The Internets.

Get booked: http://www.ladybitscomedy.com/booking/

Send all Wednesday 6PM avails WAY into the future. Please also send photo/links/bio -- Abbi's and my bios on http://www.ladybitscomedy.com/vision/ are a good idea of format.

Promoting comics outside of NYC:

We are going to be posting a one-liner-type feature on TheGloss.com once a week, called "Lady Comedians Tell It Like It Is." So, you can submit a single joke along with photo/bio/links in consideration for this feature. Jokes about woman stuff (um, whatever that is) are nice but not necessary.

On the Ladybits site, we'll be posting "One Question Interview" posts. The editorial guideline is simply that the posts must be either funny, or have a "how to" component (or, of course, both).

So, just pick one of these questions, and send me a 1-paragraph-or-more answer, along with the photo/brief bio/links that you want me to use (i.e. What's the most beneficial thing you've done for your comedy career? What's the best piece of advice you'd give to a female comic to get booked on more than bringer shows?)

Send to: jen (at) jenisfamous (dot) com




soce said...

Hi, my name is Soceittia, and I'd like to get a spot. I am a lady elemental wizard.. Please let me know if you have any openings. Femininely yours, Soceittia

Abbi Crutchfield said...

What a pretty young lady you are Soceittia! You are welcome to perform any time. And don't forget to tell your male performer friends about our Token Male Program!