Monday, September 28, 2009

The No-Poo Chronicles: Money Matters

In an effort to save money, help the environment, and restore my hair's health, I am trying not to use shampoo for two weeks. Is that even possible?!

Day 12: ponytail day, but the prettiest ponytail yet! It's official: I'm a believer in the no-poo method. I've already looked up other natural treatments for my hair to keep the trend going. I may condition with mayonnaise soon, who knows? Of course, the goal was to save money, and going to Whole Foods to buy $47 worth of herbs to add to a vinegar rinse is not my idea of saving money. A bushel of dried lavender cost $10, and the florist told me that was a steal--yeah, you're stealing from me!

Not to mention the cost of installing a garbage disposal in my bathtub.

Let's do a cost benefit analysis:


DevaCare No-Poo (32 oz) - $35.99
Jane Carter Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner - $13.99
Mixed Chicks Leave-In (10 oz) - $20.00
Kinky-Curly Curling Custard (16 oz) - $26.00
Total: $95.98



Herbs - $44.41 (rosemary, sage, lavender, catnip, basil, chammomile, citrus peel, lemon peel from Whole Foods)
Vinegar - $2.99 (Apple cider vinegar from the grocery store)
Oils - $24.56 (jojoba, sweet almond, rosemary essential oil and vegetable glycerin from a health food store)
Total: $71.96

If I divide the cost of the products by how often I think I would use them individually, the cost per month is

$12.86 (Old Routine)
$11.99 (New Routine)

Hmm, not much of a difference. I could probably cut the cost of herbs and oils down a bit.

The real test this method has yet to pass is will it keep my hair from drying out, long-term? Everything I've read says over-washing curly hair is what causes dryness. With the old maintenance routine, I could create the illusion of shiny, lustrous hair, but by the end of the day it was a wool sweater and the next day shredded wheat. And that's even after finding all-natural products that are sulfate-free.

Maybe tricks like washing less often, using a wide-toothed comb, blot-drying and finger-styling are what prevent frizz and dryness no matter which curly mane-tenance method you choose.


Karine said...

Are all the herbs you use dry or fresh? Does Whole Foods sell the oils as well?

Abbi Crutchfield said...

I used dried herbs. I bet Whole Foods sells some of the oils, but maybe not all. The Health Food store where I got mine was called "Back to the Land". In Indiana there's one just like it called, "The Good Earth". So just look for a store in your area that has "Earth" or "Land" or "Dirt" or "Hippie" in it.

Also I got the catnip at a pet store and never found yarrow flower.

Karine said...

Will have to check that out :). Your hair looks shiny and healthy..I started massaging my hair before I wash.

I will have to look for a health food store in my area, or head to the city..Thanks for the info. :)

Chris said...


No, you are not going to raid our spice rack for salon products. Damn it. I need that stuff for Sunday's roast.

And Cynikitty will meet you with harsh resistance if you try to steal his stash of catnip.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

@ Karine: Go Karine Go! Yeah, I'll probably always do the massage thing, even before I shampoo from now on.

@ Chris: You are a spice meiser!

@ Cynikitty: Sharing is caring.