Thursday, September 17, 2009

The No-Poo Chronicles: Things Are Getting Crunchy

In an effort to save money, help the environment, and restore my hair's health, I am trying not to use shampoo for two weeks. Is that even possible?!

Day 4: Second wash. Used chilled ACV solution, same 2T in 6oz. Will
use less ACV and more water next time as per Internet, to reduce confounded vinegar scent. Combed hair in shower to detangle. Won't use a brush anymore because I read it damages curls. Used only a few drops of olive oil this time (not a handful), and blotted dry with lightweight bathrobe. Styled with fingers and shook upside down. It dries more quickly than when loaded down with products. Went to work. Scalp still a little itchy...

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