Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cutting the Mustard

This morning I sat down to a hearty meal of breakfast burrito and home fries and yogurt and coffee and juice. As soon as the cold weather sets in I like to develop a nice, protective layer of blubber. When I reached into my drawer for the "bag-o-packets" to garnish my morning potatoes, I was pleasantly surprised to find I had TWO different kinds of ketchup from which to choose. You know what that means....TASTE TEST!

Heinz vs. Hunt's

Even though I subconsciously side with Heinz, the brand imprinted on my brain as a child, I preferred the taste of Hunts. It was more...tomatoey.

The funny thing is at the World Series of Stand-up at Caroline's on Tuesday, there was an audience member in the front row who worked for Heinz. And after host Bryan Kennedy did a lot of creative riffing on what Heinz meant to him, Matt Goldich took the stage and opened with, "Give it up for Hunts: the best ketchup in the world!" It made all the comics laugh.

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