Monday, October 19, 2009

Guest Hosting If You Build It

Emo Couple

For all the people that ever ask whether Luke and I perform on stage together, the answer is YES! When someone asks us to. Otherwise we have our own separate stand-up acts and rarely write sketches starring each other anymore.

In Rob O'Reilly and Barry Rothbart's absence, Luke and I guest hosted "If You Build It," at Karma Lounge on Saturday. We took the stage and riffed on surgery, broken iPhones, Obama and our relationship. This was followed by fantastic sets by Jared Logan, Del, Lance Weiss, Jay Bois and Phil Murphy.

In addition to Dens the bartender and Jay's fabulous wife, we had one audience member named Missy who was very vocal about her German boyfriend's anatomy and was a hearty laugher. Several more people drifted in and out depending on the set. Despite the basement setting and astonishingly low turnout, everyone had a lot of fun playing around on stage.

I joked that the show was called, "If You Build It" because it's just like the movie Field of Dreams. Nothing exciting happens until it's almost over.

Need more Crutchfield-Thayer-Crutchfield brand entertainment? You can also catch us opening the Living Room Show simultaneously every 2nd and 4th Friday. Next show is THIS FRI OCT 23, for the Annual Halloween Scare-avaganza! Prize for best costume!

By the way, the photo above came from here.


Elizabeth McQuern said...

W00t! Rock that wig!

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Can you teach me how to maintain my shiny red hair?