Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Board Game Flashback: Sorry!

This game really brought out the crab in me. In fact, when I think back to the times I played it with my family, I can distinctly remember games ending in me storming out of the room, and my mom or sister saying, "Aww, don't be such a spoiled sport!" The game is DESIGNED to make people mad! And it encourages kids to sarcastically say, "Sorry!" When a grade-schooler discovers sarcasm it marks the end of innocence. "Sorry you have to start over again at the beginning when you were so close to winning. Sorry you're such a LOSER!"

I don't remember how it's played, I just know that it involved the pieces from Clue (before they got upgraded), and the vibrant colors of UNO, and all the inclusive fun of a game of Keep-Away. I think instructions included 5 different languages explaining "give youngest player a verbal noogie until he/she storms off."


Chris said...

I didn't realize it back then, but Sorry is the game that is closest to real life than anything else. Sorry is much closer to real life than Life which is much closer to Wheel of Fortune (Like you didn't use the wheel in that way!).

People passing you while pretending to apologize and then sending you back to the starting point where you are forced to start drinking to forget the pain and suffering that your family and friends brings to you on a daily basis?

But I've said too much. Sorry!

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Life was not only a bad name for a game, but an even worse name for a cereal.