Friday, October 9, 2009


This is a picture of my husband Luke holding a compact for me while I put makeup on before a show. It was taken by Harris Bloom outside of Conker Hill Bar. I am often holding four things at once, so Luke was nice enough to provide an extra set of hands. I think I was squeezing a pair of boots between my legs, planning to put them on next.

The show was quite a doozy. By no fault of the comedians, the audience was unpredictably insolent. There was a pizza box kicked back and forth across the floor during my opening.

Crowd: We're playing soccer!
Me: That's not how you play soccer.

I learned beforehand that most of the people attending Happy Hour worked at the advertising firm "Ogilvy".

Me: Who's here from Ogilvy?
Crowd: WOO!
Me: I love your delicious, chocolatey drink.

They were so loud and unruly, I began most of my jokes without finishing them. After I settled them down they became ghostly quiet and refused to laugh at anyone. Then a man at the bar, close to the stage decided it was okay to laugh but also added, "Science!" after every punchline he enjoyed.

Harris: Yeah, science...I don't understand what that means.
Man: "Science!" From the 1980s.
Harris: Oh, Weird Science? The movie?
Man: No...
Me (from the audience): She Blinded Me With Science, the song?
Man: No...the sportscaster on the local news channel who would always yell, "Science!"

Riiiight. Doug Adler and Harris Bloom put on a great show and invite great acts, so do check it out. Just don't bring pizza. And for the love of the 1980s, keep the demons in your head.

Comedy at Conker Hill
640 10th Ave (45/46 streets)
Tuesdays at 8:00PM, FREE

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