Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Board Game Flashback: Knight Rider

Hold on to your cheeseburgers, because this game is non-stop action! Not just a TV show anymore, Parker Brothers (the clever fools who brought you Sorry!) have created Knight Rider, the board game.

Aside from featuring KIT on the front, the game is nothing like the show. It's more like Magnum P.I., in that nothing cool happens unless you PRETEND it's happening. The board is made up of intersecting roads that look like the slides from Chutes and Ladders. Each road is connected by circles that you cover with red paper dots. Each dot is red on one side and has a five or six-figured number (money or points?) on the other side. When you land on a circle, you collect these dots and add them up at the end.

If, by some unlucky roll of the dice, you find yourself on the same dot as another player, you must have a Chicken Challenge! Two players hold cards with a bird's eye view of a vehicle. When layed front-to-front, you see whether the cars are driving away from or towards each other, which results in either you winning, the player winning, or a head-on collision. Total destruction! Now that's the Hoff I know and love.

Setting up the dots was hands-down the most tedious part of the game, a boring task of Mall Madness proportions. The Chicken Challenge was the best part, and if you could get around arguing over who would be the playing piece that looked like KIT or who had the card with KIT on it, then it was a good 40 minutes of taking turns and counting. Just like going to the DMV.

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