Thursday, October 8, 2009

Following Ted Alexandro

I performed at Chris Polanco's new show, "And Then What Happened?" at Under St. Mark's Theater last night. The house was full, the opening improv team was hilarious, and the lineup was great.

I followed Ted Alexandro, who had a great set. If you've ever seen him, you know that in small rooms he keeps his energy low. His voice is calm, his act-outs are minimal, and the focus of the humor is on the words he's saying (he crafts a really great joke). I was amped up to perform, but by Ted, four comics in, I was fading. I yawned a lot. I've been low on sleep the whole week.

"Sorry I'm so tired guys. (Glance at wrist to check the time) I just realized I'm checking a watch that's really bracelets."

I can't say I had the best set of my life, but I was glad to be there, and the crowd was warm. Even when I started badgering them.

Me to audience member, "Remember when you said on your way in that if anyone bothered you, you were going to charge the stage?"
Guy: Me?
Me: Yeah, you.
Guy: I said that?
Me: Yeah, before the show. But you're sitting two rows back, so if you were going to charge the stage, you'd have to get past BMW man. (I point to the man in front of him who earlier admitted he owned a BMW).
Guy: Oh. Are you gonna make fun of me?
Me: No.

Photo credit: and Chris Polanco

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