Monday, October 19, 2009

Your Sunday Options

You can find a place to perform stand-up comedy in New York City every day of the week. Even on the day of rest. For instance, I host a show on Sundays called Sunday Soiree. I produce on behalf of Josh Filipowski, while he takes a pseudo-sabbatical to teach English in Costa Rica. The back room of Botanica Bar is getting a face lift soon, comedians, so pop through on Sundays at 7:00PM because we will be on hiatus after October.

We had some audience members who said they were from Boston. I felt I should have made a baseball reference but I am clueless about baseball. "How about them Tigers?" I said with a shrug. This is the second time in the past few days I have dropped the ball on crowd work. Or I kept the ball going, but I didn't use it to alley oop and score one for the team. There, I know SOMEthing about baseball! Suffice it to say, when audience members have lobbed up a high one, "We're from Boston," "We're from Germany," "I have a boyfriend," I haven't exactly smacked it down. That just takes time I guess. Time or the abilities of a mentalist.

Brendan Fitzgibbons and I rode back to Park Slope together, but on the subway platform we talked shop with Brett Roberson. Appearing on the show were Moody McCarthy (pictured above), Joe Dixon, Tim Homayoon, Selena Coppock, Zach McGovern, Chris DeStefano, Bob Bell, Lance Weiss, Nacho Avg, and newcomers Andy Mel and Anat Aronowicz.

Afterwards I met up with Nick Cobb at the Perch open mic that goes on from 7:00PM til the cows come home. I guess I was the cow, because I went on last. It was fun. Brendan's a powerhouse and not only had he done Sunday Soiree and Perch but was moving on to Bar Four after that (Yannis Pappas has a Sunday show there now), and I caught him the following night at my open mic, before he jetted off to the Lyceum mic across the street. Maybe he's getting geared up to launch his new show at the end of the week, which I'll christen with my presence.

Gandhi, is that you?
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