Tuesday, October 6, 2009

That's What I Said

I had fun at Rob Nolfe's music jam yesterday at Telephone Bar. I was the opening comic for a string of very talented guitarists. A string! What a comedian.

Mid ad-lib, I made my own tongue twister. I am miming holding a kitten and then letting it run away, but I let it "run away" from waist-high. I tried to remark, "I let my ficticious kitten fall from a great height." But I couldn't say "ficticious kitten." Neither can you. Try it. Try it three times fast. Oh shut up.

So after several attempts that came out as chicken, kitchen, and fit-chicken kitchen, I gave up and used synonyms. A couple of other musicians called back to it later.

This on the heels of me making fun of a toy that had the EXACT same problem...!


Chris said...

Ficticious Kitten
Fiticious Chitten
Vicious Chicken.

You're right! Not only is it hard to say three times, it's even harder to type it three times.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Well at least a room full of people wasn't watching you! Just the Internet universe.

Thomas Pryor said...

half my vocabulary i leave in my head because i stutter and kill the words when they come out of my mouth, you've given me an additional phrase to avoid, next time you see me, ask me whats that thing with the trunk and leaves and leaves and then ask me whats the number between 2 and 4, then mix them up, and ask me again and watch my teeth and tongue explode

Rob said...

Ha! That was a memorable moment alright! Thanks for coming thought :)


Rob said...

through! lol dangit!