Friday, October 16, 2009

And The Crowd Goes Mild

Had an interesting set last night at River Bar. Really my set was par for the course; it was the crowd that threw everyone for a loop. There was a table mere inches from the stage, half of whose members turned their backs to the performers. I got to the show a little late, so I hadn't heard if they had been insulted or if they were just quiet from the jump. On my turn, when I caught someone's eye, I casually asked, "Where you from?"


The comedians let out a collective, "Aha". We came to find out that they did not understand most of what was being said. Even so, one member of the group obstinately faced the other direction with her beer. Even though everyone got her to perk up and laugh at least once, she refused to face the stage and enjoy the show properly. Even the producer and host J-L Cauvin's spot-on Obama wasn't moving them.

Most of the comics shrugged their shoulders and did their thing. Sandy Marks opted to do an impression of each audience member after each of his jokes.

Rory Scovel (pictured above) made use of the giant screens showing the Phillies - Dodgers game and did the voices of all the players as the camera zoomed in on them. It turned out to be a bit that was just what the room needed.

Always Be Funny, Thursdays at 8:30PM
River Bar and Grill
500 W 43rd St, 10036

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