Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig on Broadway

One Last Goodbye

Daniel Craig

Mom was in town a couple of weeks ago and got us tickets to see "A Steady Rain" on Broadway. I usually don't like waiting after a show to get someone's autograph because you have to stand shoulder-to-shouler with a bunch of other people who wear capes for fun and name their sandwiches.

But it was exciting. Apparently it was around Hugh's birthday, and a fan had made him a giant Wolverine Doll. He politely accepted it and promptly handed it to a member of his entourage.
Hugh Jackman and Wolverine Doll from Fan
"Thanks for the lumpy tribute mate. That's supposed to be my face, is it? Yes, I did notice the aluminum claws! How clevah. Vigo could you take this and have it incinerated?"

There was a man in line with us before the show complaining about how much money he spent on front-row seats and how he shouldn't have to wait in line. As the play ended, we saw him notice Steven Spielberg not far from him, and as we filed out Steven passed through a red curtain along the stage. It looked like the man was headed there too. Not to sure if he got in. I am guessing not since he was outside in the crowd with all of us, trying to get a closer look by wheeling another fan past the guard rails. A security guard pointed his finger in his face and cussed him out, yielding my favorite shot:

Denied by Security!

Soon afterwards I saw the man in the wheel chair sitting with his friends. I don't think they knew each other.

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