Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Anniversary

I'm such a busy and important entertainer/writer; I'm late to celebrate special occasions with myself (but that’s why they call me Blue Tooth “Pop and Lock” Salinger.)

It's the blog-iversary y'all!

One year and five months ago I began this blog with a post called Wishing For Dummies.

I admire its antiquity (note the reference to Saddam Hussein and an overweight Star Jones) and its unoriginality (I wait until 2006 to poke fun at a How-To series that has been around since 1991). But I am most proud that it does NOT begin with, "So I'm gonna try out one of these weblog things! I can’t promise I'll post every day, but hey…leave a comment!" I saved triteness for my myspace blog.

My readership has gone up from an average 9 to an average 24 people every day. In terms of authority, I've gone from classroom assistant to cult-leader. Thank you for joining my cult, but more importantly for linking this blog to your blog (see button at very bottom). In celebration, I give you my most favoritest posts of the last year and a half:

There's No Basement In The Alamo
Remember when Jan Hooks says that to Pee-wee? Didn't that scene always make you want to eat tortillas? This is the first post to feature my pet crocabull who is bred to sniff out lies.

Sitting Down with the N-Word
What happens when racial slurs stop being polite, and start getting real? Three of America's top interviewers solicit answers from a personified curse word.

School of Hard Glances
How does Hollywood pick their leading men? When they're not Bourne…they're made.

Noose to Me
A glimpse into the life of a racist with a black wife.

Black Like Me
Everyone’s over the fact that Angelina played a biracial woman (Marianne Pearl) in the film A Mighty Heart. But is everyone over the fact that I am scarred by my childhood? I, for one, am not!

Mmm...You Will Be Delicious
My coverage of a zoo that allows a tiger to "play" with pigs. And allows patrons to "point" at the tiger with guns.

Whew! It's been a wild ride. Hey…leave a comment!


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