Thursday, October 18, 2007

Maybe Jogging Is Not So Bad

You know that Cheerios commercial where a guy has a month to lower his blood pressure, and his son has a month to finish a project for school? At the end of the four weeks, the dad fares well on his check-up, and the son’s not finished yet. The kid says, “That’s not fair! All you had to do was eat Cheerios for a month.”

I wish the dad would say, “Do you know how funk nasty these are? These are the PLAIN ones. I fantasize about Total Raisin for crying out loud. One bowl. every day for thirty days.
My breath smells like cat pee!”


Mo Diggs said...

I am afraid to meet the one person who eats Cheerios without sugar. That one person is The Ornery Rifleman.

Abbi said...

What is this sugar you speak of? I grew up with Grape Nuts. I am not bashing a childhood of digestive regularity, but I am going to say that I believe it should be illegal to sell gravel as food. I don't know The Ornery Rifleman, but I know his new hipster name is Giant Sunglasses McJames Spader. And if you've ever seen Pretty in Pink, that's redundant.