Friday, October 19, 2007

Say It Loud!

The Black Comedy Project was recently launched by the hilarious New York City-based comedians

Elon James White

and Baron Vaughn,

and I am a proud member of its network! One of the goals of The Project is to showcase the various voices of the black comedy community. Cuz people always want us to grow moustaches and talk about our cocaine addictions and star in movies with Gene Wilder. We are DIFFERENT, I say! They have already received notice on such comedy blogs as The Apiary
and Shecky Magazine.

Here is an excerpt from my first contribution to the site, "Join da Club":

As educated people, we are not fool enough to openly condone stereotypes, but since we are comfortable with the familiar, we let them slide. We even tend to embrace them subconsciously. If there is a Chinese couple in a sitcom, we want all their jokes to be about it. Until we get tired of hearing them. Then we want the show to be canceled for a lack of creativity. We laugh innocently at suggestively racist jokes and frown at the blatant ones, because we are not small-minded, but it is SO true that other races do all the stuff he just said!

Read the entire post here.

I am going to leave for the weekend to visit family and train the CIA in our Nation’s Capital, so don’t be blowin’ up my pager trying to ask me to hang out with you. I am BUSY. When I come back, I will tell you all about the best show on Earth, The JOY Variety Show by Gabe Pacheco. It is sincerely the most fun you can have on Third ave.

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