Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Behind Bars

I worked on a music video parody with Josh "jFLIPS" Filipowski not too long ago, and it's finally available for voting on Funny Or Die!!

It's a parody of Timbaland's "The Way I Are", and it showcases some of the celebrities making headlines today for their trips to the Mayberry jail. You know, the one with no lock on it that people are allowed to enter and leave when they feel like it. Some of NYC's finest who are featured: Jeremy Schachter, Michelle Buteau, Becky Ciletti, Ken Donnelly, Evie Aronson, Luke Thayer and Neil Charles.

Many people keep asking me this, but no that's not Keri Hilson singing the chorus. It's ME. And no, when I close my eyes it does not remind me of a cat falling off of garbage cans. I go by AC Styles which is my "I don't rap yet but this is my rap name". I'm considering changing it to A-Stoodent. I think that says more. Diddy gets it. Look for Luke's scary switch blade incident in the prison yard!

Other places to check it out (since jFLIPS went through the trouble):

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Mo Diggs said...

O my god we posted the same video the same day. U owe me a beer.

Abbi said...

Okay, but I'm not waiting on a Chinatown rooftop with O'Douls and a silly straw again. Next time, I name the place and you name the beer.

thisisntjimmy said...


where does one find 11 orange jump suits?

Abbi said...

From a filipino prison , of course.

Adria said...

this deserves a grammy...if 36Mafia can win an award then so can you.

Abbi said...

LOL. It's hard out here for a parody.