Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I had a fun time at The 25 and Under Show at Broadway Comedy Club last night, but a table of girls in the back of the room will never know it. Dang you, college students, and your inexplicable self-absorption. Look at ME. What about ME??

The same table provided a chatter soundtrack for each comic, and this doesn't just happen at Festival shows. I've seen a string of headliners battle with a table of loud, drunk kids at The Comedy Cellar. Sometimes people just want to eat in the dark and scream at each other. Mole People.

I went on to have a nightmare that I was babysitting a 6 year old who berated me in public and demanded she use my cell phone. Coincidence?

Shout-out to Chicago-based comedian Jena Friedman who soaked up an impressive number of shows while she was in town, Rob O'Reilly who had the room rolling and who made me visualize him doing the nasty, and Danny Vermont who I foolishly called "Dave" onstage but who was quite humble and friendly about it off stage.
(Violin music)
Already? No! I have so many people to thank...Um...Thank you to Jim Mendrinos who is putting the entire festival together and (orchestral music gets louder) George Sarris who created it! War is BAD! Good night!

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