Friday, October 19, 2007

Joy to The World

I had a great time last Thursday performing at the JOY Variety Show produced by Gabe Pacheco (a member of the popular sketch troupe Impending Moustache). The venue is Sal Anthony's Movement Salon Theater.

I can't find pictures of everyone, so please accept their Unsolved Mysteries Re-enactment stand-ins.
Billy the Kid hosted and did a great job.

Off stage I thought I would handle him like a glass figurine. Then he shook my hand and asked me my last name. Don't you out-adult me, punk. I burped and blew it in his face.

Mike Drucker went up and had the crowd in his hands.

Disappointingly, he has not said anything about being selected by Disney to join Patton Oswalt as a funny stand-up for a recent contest. No Patton Oswalt stories on stage. Apparently he thinks his life is more interesting.

I went up and destroyed as usual. Standing O, underwear on stage, too long of a story to tell here.

Then Sean Patton had his turn and tore the roof off.

I mean he was on POINT. During my set, I figured this is not the kind of crowd that gives applause breaks, but he disproved that theory. Really phenomenal.

Gabe Pacheco the Man of the Hour did an excellent job.

It was my first time seeing him perform, so my eyes had to adjust to watching what I thought was a Jewish comic to watching a Mexican comic. He disproved my Mencia-instilled stereotypes which I did not appreciate.

A resident instructor of Sal Anthony's Movement Salon and talented comedian Jason was a ball of energy and confidence in his manhood.

I finally got to meet Leighann Lord

who cracked me up about a woman's quest toward size zero.

And it wasn't even my birthday, but Mike Dobbins went up and closed the show.

The crowd enjoyed it, and I contend he was so hilarious one woman was struck dumb. Her mouth hung open and she just stared. She had a red scarf draped across her chest and perfect posture so I presume she is an acting coach and was monitoring his timbre, projection and physicality. I was enjoying his impression of an elephant seal in the mob.

This show is only once a month, so it's a must-see.

JOY Variety Show
Sal Anthony's Movement Salon Theater
190 Third Ave., New York, NY 10003
at 17th St
Now on Myspace!

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