Wednesday, December 19, 2007

She's Back!

In one of the best comebacks of 2007, here's the little girl from Full House (and various other television shows)

Jurnee Smollett

back on my T.V., this time in a film preview as the beautiful underdog in The Great Debaters

Yowsa! Hubba Hubba! Go black people! Go biracial people! And what's best, she disappeared from the limelight presumably to get an education or at least some acting chops, unlike some other child stars.

The Great Debaters is Oprah's latest golden bowel movement. I say that with great tenderness, because when Madame O farts, her assistants collect it in a bottle. Her accountants judge its marketability, and then it's on a shelf. So this film may be the result of mumbling while overlooking the blueprints to her school in South Africa, but it has blossomed into a major motion picture starring my sister's favorite daydream, Denzel Washington.

It's sure to go into my library of Films That Make My Quarter-black Children Remember Their Roots (by the way, do they make crib mobiles that play "We Shall Overcome"?) I am also guessing without checking IMDB that the young man who says, "Are you sure you want me?" is a kid from early '90s T.V. It's about as sure as there will be an overtly racist Harvard student who says something derogatory to Denzel's students and then ends the film with his head in his hands after he loses.

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yesidaydream said...

wow you are quite the celeb detective...i would have never have guessed this. i saw her on oprah today and that old kid photo never crossed my mind. that's cool she's having the kind of "coming out" she is...working with only the hottest man in the country.

Abbi said...

I am a skilled sleuth. Did you know Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald?