Friday, December 14, 2007

Attention Disgruntled Target Employees

With a show this good, for a crowd not to be there is wrong. It's like displaying the Hope diamond in a backyard to stuffed animals.

Don't be a stuffed animal!

The Living Room is back and better than ever with our sole show for the entire month! Luke and I have been beating the elves and polishing the bells on the sleigh for this Holiday Extravaganza. In addition to Luke's stellar stand-up set, my news segment and a super-secret performance, we are welcoming:

Vince Averill (Western Canada Tour)

Hadiyah Robinson (BET's ComicView)

Moody McCarthy (NBC's Last Comic Standing; ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live)

a sketch by Phaea and Becca (Delusions of Spandex)

and your host with more profit than Superbad has grossed: Matt Little (Matt Little's Big Show)!

I want you to get someone else to take your shift, leave the kids at home, and get ready for a night of ho-ho-hijinx!

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