Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Maybe It's Time To Develop A Taste For Dirt Sandwiches

Day one of unemployment (clinically known as Holy Crap Syndrome)

Feelings: numbness followed by self-pity and then euphoria
Thoughts: "The shackles have come off! I can get a good night's sleep AND finally get some things done around the house!"
Activities: laundry, groceries, paying off credit card bill, distributing resumes
Travel mug full of: Starbucks

Week one of unemployment (What Nextaphobia)

Feelings: fear, determination and optimism
Thoughts: "Since when is soy an extra $0.40?! Always? I guess I never looked at the receipt."
Activities: shower, dress, reach out to friends for networking and professional advice
Travel mug full of: Local coffee shop cocoa

Week two of unemployment (Who Am I Disorder)

Feelings: hatred of Macy's commercials, desire to make pancakes and put ice cream on pancakes, impatience
Thoughts: "Why is it that 'People who liked Starting Your Career As a Freelancer also liked Managing Debt for Dummies'?"
Activities: watching t.v., checking e-mail, painting--in pajamas. Craigslist--researching jobs, cheaper rent, how to post items to sell.
Travel mug full of: Tea made at HOME. Bitter, flavorless home tea.

Will our hero throw in the towel and answer the dog walking ad? Or will she take her suits to the dry cleaners and keep registering online for job notifications? Tune in next time on

Pesos y Lagrimas

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