Friday, December 21, 2007

Road Trip: Ocala, Florida

Abbi, Clearwater Beach

I had a great time in Florida last November doing Jokeboy's Comedy Club. Come take a walk with me through the land of pictures.

80s video on Jet Blue

I used up my entire free cable experience on Jet Blue watching "Classic" videos you've never heard of featuring people who wore clothes from my entire Barbie collection.

Abbi in front of Jokeboy's

Showed up at the club in my travel costume (pajamas) to meet the owner. He was flatter and less body-having than I thought he'd be. But quiet. And I appreciate that.

Jokeboy's Condo Living Room and Patio

This was the first view I had of the comedian's condo. It exceeded my expectations by not having a dead body in it, and not being on wheels.

We did not stay here

I chose to stay here so that I could experience the road life I read about in I Killed.

Rental Car

Went for a drive in our sweet ride, the Chevy HHRefrigerator,

Ocala from the car

and took pictures of trees. Because I'm a nature-lover. For four seconds each day.

These Exist?! in K-mart

Pretended to be Nicolas Cage and went on my own national treasure hunt. Found a Little Caesar's Pizza, which I thought went out of business when I was 10.

Necklace raffle at K-Mart

Then Luke called me into the K-Mart so we could participate in a raffle to win a fake gold necklace. Because engagement rings are overrated. Before the drawing we listened to this salesman's pitch, and had a chance to spend $50 on four other pieces of junk. Some old guy shouted, "Get on with it, I have to eat lunch." We lost, but in a way, we won.

Blue Heron and Egret in Ocala, FL

Florida is full of old people, and I thought these two looked like birds. All hunched up and sitting still...hilarious.

Packed Room

Show time, Synergy! This was actually a Prepaid Legal seminar at the Ramada Inn that I crashed, but I told a few lawyer jokes and killed.

Luke Thayer at Jokeboy's Comedy Club

Luke opened the show, and didn't break a sweat when the owner hovered behind him, seven feet in the air.

Mark Evans

Mark Evans did an excellent job headlining each night, and even took us out to dinner one night. Other places to eat in Florida...

Zaxby's Chicken in Ocala, FL

Fast food chicken restaurants that sell gift cards. "I didn't know if you liked the chicken sandwich or the chicken fingers, so used the coupons in the paper for myself and got you this golden certificate for $5.99. Now you can CHOOSE!"

Aunt Fannie's

Aunt Fannie's. Home of giant biscuits, The Uncle Luke's special and Nickelodeon's newest toy, Soup Sand.

Whataburger in Ocala, FL

Whataburger, where people are so confused about what they're eating, they have to post a giant diagram next to the menu.

Abbi, Brian and Myra

This guy said he wanted a Hottie Sandwich, so I obliged. Then he paid me. Cad!

Brian, Myra and Luke

It's Brian and Myra, welcoming hosts of the comedy club! Get away from my man, Swingers!

Ice Cream Hut in Clearwater, FL

In Florida, not only are there old people, but they're all the grandparents you never had. And they used to host game shows.

Jokeboy's Guest Book

Nikki Glaser started a guest book for people to sign if they've won jewelry at the local K-Mart. We signed it. (Shhh, our secret).

Abbi Crutchfield

Here I am doing my waving wheat impression. Ocaaaala-homa where the laughs come rolling down the plains!

Clearwater Beach, FL
Thanks for a slice of heaven.


sooprgrll said...

wowsa! looks like you had an awesome time--congrats!

Abbi said...

Thanks Grll! You're soopr. If you'll look carefully at the first picture, you'll notice I have no toes. I plan on using my celebrity to speak out about this disorder later in life.

Chris Serico said...

Love your mid-'80s Toyota commercial jump to launch into this post. "Oh, what a feeling!"

I also like that the Whataburger is basically -- what -- a burger.