Monday, December 3, 2007

Double Your Birthday, Double Your Fun

Nichelle Stephens

Last Tuesday, Carolyn Castiglia and Nichelle Stephens, co-producers of Chicks and Giggles, celebrated their joint birthday at Ochi's Lounge in Comix.

Carolyn Castiglia

Carolyn reveled in the bliss of turning 21, and reminded everyone that Nichelle was 22. She hosted a stellar lineup and kept the laughs rolling in between.

Wendy Ho

Wendy Ho sang ghetto parodies the likes of which make Walt Disney spin in his space dome-shaped grave.

Becky Yamamoto

Becky Yamamoto adopted a theater vet persona and sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the likes of which make Judy Garland spin in her cognac glass-shaped grave.

Leibya Rogers

Leibya Rogers scored big time with her demographic and had a bra thrown on stage! She sang the rest of her songs with it on her head, around her neck, smelled it a couple of times, and finally wore it. Because she recycles.

Erin and Her Cello

Erin played new tunes on her cello and told an inspiring tale of the Walk formerly known of Shame.

Adira Amram

Adira took the stage in the character of an older, hipper Jewish woman...

Adira Amram and Becky Yamamoto

and together with Becky Yamamoto they discussed Lasix surgery and the joy of being MILFs!

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