Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good Tidings of Comfort and JOY

New York wrote up a piece on the first JOY Variety show, and my picture is in it!

A link to it is not working so paste this in your browser:

I wrote about JOY not too long ago, in this post. Comedians Gabe Pacheco and J. Quarles are at it again in December, so don't miss it!

From the article:

The vibe was chilled and informal. The line up was cleverly selected to include hilarious up and coming comedians as well as headliner Leighann Lord, all with the same goal in mind. That the comedians "crack open the gray shell of the everyday and expose the glittering gold" to bring you 'JOY'.

Also possibly in the article (since I haven't read the whole thing):

One smashing highlight of the evening was a daring performance by Abbi Crutchfield. Her off-the-shoulder homage to 80s fashion complemented her clean, non-threatening face and made this reporter wish he hadn't sworn off black people as sex symbols. I for one am not going to miss her 8:00PM sketch performance in this Friday's Living Room show at Postmark Cafe!

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