Wednesday, September 19, 2007

They Throw Up So Fast

I recently made the discovery, thanks to Reel Faces, that the adorable little girl from Remember The Titans
is also the cheerleader on Heroes we're trying to save in order to save the world.

Save your brain and quit acting before Promises bleeds you dry.

I like when they disappear in their teens and early twenties to get an education, Jodie Foster-style. But you have to ask yourself: Would I rather sell Noxema, or be Nell?

Tay and May...Miss Chickapay!


sooprgrll said...

she was so cute in remember the titans and now...not so much. stds.

Abbi said...

She seems pretty wholesome to me, but so did Lolo in Parent Trap. I'm just trying to get the jump on Perez Hilton.