Monday, September 10, 2007

Doing My Part

I was looking to make my beauty regimen Earth-friendly (read: cheaper), and I came across the fact that shampoo is the devil.
One alternative to putting chemicals in your hair is to wash it with baking soda and condition it with vinegar, a secret that people living in box cars have known for years.

I gave it a try, and waited for Templeton to do the backstroke in my ‘fro.

“Lots of POPcorn, apple cores, BAnana peels and soggy sandwiches…”

It turns out my hair looks, feels and SMELLS fine. Don’t call me a convert, because it does not pass the Fun Test. I can’t make sudsy horns like the witch in Sleeping Beauty. And it would take a while to learn not to associate womanhood with the scent of apples. Also, I’m afraid of becoming one of those people who uses a magic rock instead of deodorant.

What are YOU doing to save the world?


fantasy weather league said...

There is NOTHING wrong with using a magic rock, jerk.

Abbi said...

You're a voodoo witch-demon from outerspace! Don't steal my brain or my ovaries. But if you have to pick, take the part of my brain that memorizes mattress commercials.

Lola Gets said...

You know, they also make a liquid rock deodorant too, lol. If you use that while also drinking liquid grass, you wouldnt smell at all!

But, um, I rock the natural fro like you, and I dont think Ill be trying these, er, interesting shampoo/conditioning methods. I like my hair and want it to stay on my head, lol.