Friday, September 28, 2007


Check me out on The Apiary. I may or may not have eaten a lemon onstage. Know what else? The Living Room has another great lineup for tonight! Does life get better?

I tried to pass the word around in the office, but as usual, it was met with, "I have night school," and, "I live in Jersey". Hey I get it. You don’t have to invent classes or lie about your home address. Look, I have a friend who plays professionally in an orchestra, and she invites me to all her performances. In two years, I still haven’t made it to one of them.


There has to be a better way of saying, “I think what you do is great, but it will NEVER be convenient enough for me to attend. Never ever.” than “I’ll try to make it one of these days.”

Maybe that way is, “Please unsubscribe me from your list, douche-couche”. But until you figure out how to do that I expect to see a hand-made diploma on my desk by Monday.

Tonight I’ll be two fabulous characters: one is a celebrity and the other is an inspiration to us all.

The handsome men who will join me at The Living Room (Postmark Cafe):
-Brendan Fitzgibbons (The Onion)

-Dan Fontaine (Saints and Sinners Tour)

-Rob Durham (Midwestern Bias sports blog, touring colleges across U.S.)

-Pat O’Shea (B-Cat TV’s Bush v. Brooklyn, Complete Idiots Guide to Joke Writing)

-Luke Thayer (Love of my life)

Postmark Café
326 6th Street (bet 4th & 5th aves)
Park Slope, BK 11215
8:00PM, FREE

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