Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Revolving Door Podcast

Last summer I met up with comedians Andy Kleiman and Jay Abbondanza in a 4th floor Brooklyn walk-up on a sweltering day. I stayed for a really long time while we shouted over each other, sang off-key, played games and giggled like hair stylists.

What on Earth did we talk about?

My hair, how I met Luke, why comics don't date other comics, and English actors that suck at American accents. Also my hoarding of bath products. (28:00)

Play along! Seinfeld Trivia. I had the best questions, and scored the worst. Cheaters. (32:00)

Questionable casting choices on Seinfeld. The ethnic actors always had to put on a thick accent. Maximizing comedic potential or perpetuating stereotypes? (23:00)

The Top Ten Ways to Beat the Heat. Get out your pad and pencil. You may want to write these down! (5:10)

A would-you-rather challenge: listen to a loop of Alice in Chains or periodically break your partner's bones? This is a no-brainer. (8:40)


karyrogers said...

I enjoyed the podcast. It was fun. That is, until the very end when Jay(?) decided to crap on Harry Connick Jr. Please tell me where this Jay lives so I can stand outside of his apartment holding up a boombox blaring Harry Connick Jr a la "Say Anything." Harrumph.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Thanks for listening! If it's any consolation, Harry Connick, Jr is still a millionaire superdad who makes the ladies swoon.