Saturday, January 10, 2009



Luke has been gone for a couple of weeks working a gig at a resort in Mexico, and we talk through iChat.


After years of making fun of the movie Armageddon, it finally comes back to bite me. I feel like Liv Tyler when Ben Affleck is in outerspace, and she has to touch the monitor to feel close to him. Or is it her dad? Or was that a music video?


At times like this, I'm glad Luke doesn't look like Steven Tyler.


The Critic said...

I used to laugh at the absurdity of Alvie Singer's parents arguing over which was the better ocean, the Atlantic or the Pacific. Then I find myself arguing with my wife over whether or not Rhetoric could be a college major or not.

This is our most common film-in-life moment, though (true story), one time I opened up a bottle of Pine-Sol and just about had an orgasm. Mmmmm. So clean.

Mo Diggs said...


Abbi Crutchfield said...

@ The Critic: That's the power of Pine Sol, baby. (You made me say it).

@ Mo: He's back, but I make him talk to me thru a giant, cardboard window.